Thank you, Dr. Charlotte Peterson, for your book…

I am confident your book will go a long way in benefiting many parents and their children, particularly in cultivating close bonds of love and affection between parents and children.   Endorsement from: The 14th Dalai Lama 

 Mindful Parenting from Peaceful Cultures


When parents give a high degree of responsiveness and empathy to their babies—trusting, compassionate children are the result. Early brain research indicates that extensive nurturing during infancy creates optimal brain development, and increases the child’s ability to be self-calming, empathetic and loving.


Mindful Parenting integrates indigenous wisdom from peaceful societies, advances in modern neuroscience, and 34 years of experience by Child Psychologist, Dr. Charlotte Peterson. Mindful Parenting offers practical parenting advice that helps infants and toddlers emotionally thrive; becoming happy, self-reliant and kind children.


Help stop the current epidemic of childhood emotional distress and bullying!

Children in this country are not faring well… The United States uses 90% of all the medications in the world that are given to children for mental health issues. Teachers report that children have less respect for adults and greatly increased bullying of peers. The suicide rate of children has doubled in the past 20 years. Early interventions during pregnancy, birth, and the first few years of life can grow kinder kids.


Kind people are healthier, happier and have greater success in their careers and relationships. Raising kids with a higher degree of empathy would lead to happier homes, safer schools, kinder communities, more non-violent societies and ultimately, a more peaceful world.