Universal Practices that Promote Attachment


Global Practices that Promote Attachment in infancy
  • Skin to Skin Contact: Especially during the first hour after birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Wearing Babies: Keeping them in close bodily contact
  • Affection
  • Listening
  • Responding
  • Singing
  • Playing
  • Close Proximity: At all times during the day and nighttime
  • Co-Sleeping – Having your baby sleep near you is safer, helpful for bonding, maintains close contact and aids in breastfeeding. You may choose to place the crib next to your bed or share your bed with your baby. Consider placing a firm mattress on the floor to prevent the baby from becoming trapped or falling.
    • Do NOT sleep with your baby in your bed if you [or your partner]:
    • Smoke, drink alcohol or take medications that may alter consciousness
    • Are so tired or ill that you would not wake up easily
    • Are markedly obese
    • Sleep on a soft surface like a waterbed, couch, recliner or beanbag chair
    • Have pillows or soft blankets around baby’s face
    • Share your bed with other children or pets
    • Sleep in a bed that has a space between the bed, headboard or footboard and wall where baby could become trapped