Relational Parenting


Mindful Parenting
[Excerpts Dr. Charlotte’s book – The Mindful Parent:
Strategies from Peaceful Cultures to Raise Compassionate, Competent Kids]

Mindful Parenting is Dr. Charlotte’s term for care-giving that promotes a close mutually respectful relationship between parents and children. Mindful Parents of infants ARE: Aware, Responsive, Engaged & begin Limit-Setting with toddlers at about 18 months.

When using Mindful Parenting, children are treated with:

  • A high degree of compassion and affection
  • Clear limit setting
  • Expectations of self-control and compliance

Parents promote empathy by responding to children’s feelings, offering reasonable choices, and exercising firm parental limit-setting without inflicting pain or suffering.

Mindful Parenting offers :

  • Global Practices that promote and inhibit close Parent-Infant Attachment
  • Descriptions of ways to Validate Children’s Feelings
  • The critical difference between Punishment vs. Discipline
  • Explanations of why and how to use Time-Ins rather than Time-Outs.