News & Research Findings
That Support Healthy Beginnings for Children
  • Sharp Decline in Maternal and Child Deaths Worldwide:  In 2000 the one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was to decrease maternal and child deaths significantly by 2015. “The vast majority of countries have seen accelerated reductions in maternal and child deaths — with child deaths declining by 3.5% per year since 2000 and maternal deaths by 2.7% per year since 2003.” If the current rate continues, child deaths will fall from more than 6 million in 2013 to fewer than 4 million in 2030.  The United States is among only 8 countries that have experienced an increase in maternal death rates since 2003. www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/05/140502102502.htm
  • Imagine if we were all welcomed into life with such gentle trusting hands: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPSAgs-exfQ
  • Breastfeeding information, support, and resources.  Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon.”Two reason to breastfeed are health and sweetness.” www.breastfeedingor.org/moms/why-breastfeed/
  • Wondering how to best support new parents?  See, “Going to Visit Family or Friends Who Have a New Baby? Follow These Tips!”  September 30, 2013 www.williamsburgmothering.com
  • Mother and Child Are Linked at a Cellular Level: “It’s now known that cells from a developing fetus cross the placenta, allowing the baby’s DNA to become part of the mother’s body.  These fetal cells persist in a woman’s body into her old age.” www.scientificamerican.com/article/fetal-cells-microchimerism/
  • July 26, 2012: The American Academy of Pediatrics has passed a resolution advising pediatricians “not to provide formula company gift bags, coupons, and industry-authored handouts to the parents of newborns and infants in office and clinic settings.” The resolution was unveiled on the AAP’s breastfeeding website today.  The AAP asserts that breastfeeding is the normal physiological way to feed  infants, and states that research shows that gifts of formula adversely affect breastfeeding duration and exclusivity.
  • CNN Hero of the Year for 2011 – Robin Lim is an American Certified Professional Midwife living in Bali, Indonesia.  She has helped thousands of poor women have healthy babies, and offers free prenatal, birthing and medical services to anyone who needs it. She is indeed a true hero!
  • Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative [BFHI] – This is an effort by UNICEF and the World Health Organization to ensure that all maternity facilities worldwide offer breastfeeding support to new mothers.
  • An excellent 22-minute video of statistics on infant/maternal mortality in the USA can be found at: www.birthbythenumbers.org/?p=1722 
  • The Cesarean Rate in the U.S. increased 53% from 1996 to 2007, reaching 32%, the highest rate ever reported in the United States. (By 2009 it has risen to 34%.)
  • National Science Foundation’s Career-Life Balance Initiative provides extensions in grant deadlines up to one year for any researcher who takes a leave of absence to care for a newborn, newly adopted child or to fulfill other dependent care needs of their families.  http://search.whitehouse.gov/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&affiliate=wh&query=National+Science+Foundation+Career+Life+Balance+Initiative
  • Tale of two Births:  Friendly Rap www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9KptD3t110&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin. Study showed that 21.8% of pregnant White women smoked cigarettes, significantly higher than pregnant Black women [14.2%] and pregnant Hispanic women [6.5%].
  • The World Health Organization recently released an alarming statistic—12 percent of babies born in the U.S. each year are premature, representing $26 billion in health care costs and an immeasurable emotional toll on families. www.nihcm.org/component/content/article/125-publications-mch/619-health-plan-approaches-to-preconception-health?
  • What to reject when you’re expecting – 10 procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy. www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/05/what-to-reject-when-you-re-expecting.html
  • Forty-nine percent of pregnancies in the US are unintended [either mistimed or unwanted]. US Dept of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2020 Campaign seeks to reduce this by 10%.                                              www.guttmacher.org/pubs/FB-Unintended-Pregnancy-US.html
  • Hallelujah – From crying to asleep in two minutes                  www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQOqChZ_ZeA&sns=em