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Charlotte Peterson, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist in Eugene, Oregon, USA, specializing in positive pre & postnatal experiences that optimize parent-infant attachment and prevent childhood emotional wounding. In addition to her private practice, she was the  founder of the Oregon Network for Infant Mental Health and served as Vice Chair on the State Advisory Board for Oregon’s Healthy Start program.


Dr. Peterson has traveled to over 60 countries throughout the world with a special interest in parenting practices of non-violent cultures. Befriending indigenous people and living in their villages, Charlotte has discovered parenting practices that appear to “grow” more compassionate, peace-loving people.


As an internationally known presenter, Dr. Peterson has shared her findings at regional, national and international conferences and been described in various American and International publications. She has just completed a book about mindful parenting of infants and toddlers using her discoveries from peaceful cultures and evidenced based early brain research. The Mindful Parent: Strategies from Peaceful Cultures to Raise Compassionate, Competent Kids was published in 2015 by Skyhorse Publishing in NYC. (See Contact, Book, and Services page.)