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Charlotte Peterson, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Prenatal, Postpartum & Infant Mental Health

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy


Phone: 541-484-9940

FAX: 541-686-8075

Eugene, Oregon



Available for the following

Conference Presentations:

  • Parenting Practices around the World
  • Parenting in Peaceful Cultures
  • Mindful Parenting of Infants
  • Parent-Infant Attachment
  • Early Brain Development
  • Mindful Parenting of Toddlers [including how to Validate Feelings & use Time Ins]
  • Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Modern Parenting: Blending Careers and Children

The Mindful Parent book front cover

The Mindful Parent is available:

Eugene, Oregon: Bambini, Barnes & Noble, U of O Duckstore, J. Michaels, & Tsunami Books

Nationally: Hall Street Books, NYC; Barnes & Nobel.com; Amazon.com – Kindle, Audio, MP3CD Audio: itunes.apple.com & Audible.com

Australia: NewSouth Books & qbd.com

Canada: Russell Books, Ltd, BC;  bookmanager.com & Biblio.com

China & India: Biblio.com

Germany: bol.com

UK: alibris.com & Biblio.co.uk

South Korea: Korean Language version-2017 by Ulysses Publishing Co. in Seoul, South Korea, 2017


Or purchase here an author autographed copy (including postage) for $25.

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